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Starters Guide To Vaping in 2019

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Posted on 25/02/19


The ultimate guide to get you started…

Today, many smokers are trading in the cigarettes for vaping, but knowing where to get started with vaping can often be confusing and even a little bit daunting. There are a lot of different types of vaping products available and knowing which one is right for you can be tricky. If you’ve ever considered vaping this starters guide to vaping in 2019 is the go to source to get the ball rolling. From how vaping started and became a huge trend to choosing the different devices, mods, tanks and e-liquid juices available, we’ve got everything you need right here.




What is vaping?

Vaping is most commonly known as an electronic device to produce vapour that the user then inhales. These vape devices; called e-cigarettes, mods, or box mods depending on their style and size all consist of a battery, heating element, wicking material and usually a tank that holds that all important flavoured e-liquid to be vaped. Most e-liquid juices have a percentage of nicotine in them and this is absorbed by the wicking material, the power is supplied to your coil and your vapour is produced.


A brief history into vaping…

This ever growing vaping trend in 2019 has been around since 2003 after a Chinese Pharmacist called Hon Lik created the first e-cigarette. Though this e-cigarette didn’t enter the market until late 2006, this industry has expanded massively since then. The latest vaping trends in 2019 see different variations of vaping devices alongside hundreds of new e-liquid flavours.


So the question is, which is the best vaping device for you?

Like many things, vaping is subjective and personal to each vaper; what one vaper may like may not suit another. There are a lot of devices available and instead of simply saying one or two specific devices work well, it’s more useful to explore different styles of devices by experience and skill level.

There are different levels of vaping; whether you’re just starting off or if you’re a bit more of an experienced vaper. But remember, it’s not who we are but what we vape that defines us.



What vaping setup is best for beginners?

If you are starting off or have only been vaping for a short time, and to ensure safety and ease of use, we would suggest low regulated devices that use integrated internal batteries and easily replaceable coils. 

There are two types of starter kits: ones with removable tanks and AIO (all in one)

Once you’ve chosen your starter kit and made the decision that vaping is right for you, then you can move onto more complex devices. Here are a few good options to get you started.

Starters kit to vapingStarters vapeStarters vape


Intermediate – Starting to get the hang of it

If you are an intermediate vaper, you will be more familiar with e-cigarettes and have some experience in using them. Having a basic understanding of maintenance and fixing basic issues with your device opens up a new world of greater vaping mods, tanks and flavoured e-liquid juices.

For intermediate users, we recommend mid powered regulated devices and clearomizers with replaceable coils with a resistance at or above .5 ohms. This sounds more complex than it is so we’re always on hand to give you the best advice. These devices will deliver more of an intense e-liquid flavour and vapour whilst maintaining ease of use and safety.


Ink Resin OBS Cube 80w 3000mAh Box Mod

Intermediate users vapeIntermediate users vape


Advanced – The master builders

If you really want some fun with your vaping and have an understanding of how devices work and appreciate the knowledge of 0hms Law and Joules Law, then you can experiment with different vaping devices. For intermediate users wanting to delve into the world of being an advanced vaper, you will have to decide if using rebuildable devices are for you and be aware of the risks associated with it. If you love tinkering around with gadgets and want to explore further, we suggest a high powered regulated mod.

Rebuildable vape for advanced vapersRebuildable vape for advanced vapersRebirth RDA by Hellvape


How to choose the right E-liquid

E-liquid is the liquid often referred to as juice that is poured into the tank and inhaled by the user. The first thing to consider when choosing your e-liquid is the flavour. Even if all other variables such as nicotine strength, PG or VG and vapour production are perfect, if you don’t like the flavour, chances are you will not use your e-liquid. The good news is that e-liquids almost come in any flavour you could think of; ranging from fruity and food flavours to drinks, desserts, menthols flavours and tobacco blends.

Beginners often tend to choose tobacco blends; especially if they’re making the move from smoking to vaping. However, the good thing about e-liquids are that you can choose whatever you prefer. Eventually, as users become more advanced, they experiment more with different flavours such as fruity, food or even alcohol-inspired flavours.

When choosing e-liquid flavours, always start with the ones you’re guaranteed to like. You can even buy two different flavours to avoid getting vapours tongue; the inability to taste your e-liquid flavour when you’re vaping.

No matter what kind of vape device and e-liquid/s you decide to try first, keep in mind that the options are quite literally endless. The good thing about vaping is if you don’t like your first try, experiment with different devices and e-liquids.

Here are a couple of things to always remember:

  1. Battery life is key
  2. Stay on top of your coil replacement. (2 weeks recommended)
  3. Find the right nicotine strength for you
  4. Be mindful of where you can and can’t vape
  5. Be safe

And lastly, make sure you avoid ‘dry hits’. We’re going to be brutally honest, dry hits are the worst. We’ll even go as far as saying it’s the bane of all vapers lives. The cause of a dry hit is when your coil isn’t wet; in some instances, you can end up getting a mouthful of hot air or worse, smoke from an over-roasted coil. It’s simple really: if your coil is wet at all times, you won’t get dry hits—ever. To stop your coil from drying up, you should avoid over-vaping; especially with too much voltage.

Vapers dry hit image when vaping.