Subohm Vape Kits

Subohm Vape Kits

Our Sub-Ohm kits come with everything you need straight out the box – mod, tank, coils (at least 1), instructions and normally replacement o-rings.

To complete your vaping setup, you’ll need some batteries and a charger and some e-liquid.

Devices with Built-In Batteries

Integrated battery e-cigs are simple to use. They have a battery built into the e-cig and are recharged using an on-board USB port. These are plug and play devices, simply fill up the tank with e-liquid, screw it into the mod and vape.

Devices With Removable Batteries

Removable battery e-cig are great for vapers with a bit more experience. Depending on the device they can house one or multiple removable batteries. They vary in style but tend to stick to the box mod shape. As with all separate batteries, please bear in mind safety precautions when charging or using them.