Accessories in vaping are just as important as the devices and e-liquids if you want to maintain your vape and keep your vaping experience enhanced.

We’re on hand for the times you forget you may need an added extra here and there.

From replacement glasses for your favourite atomiser to battery charges and even vape bands, we list it all. And more importantly,  we don’t want you to be paying over the odds for them either. All of the accessories that are available at Smokeyjoes are competitively priced and can be with you as early as tomorrow if you make your order before 11 am.

If you’re looking for a toolkit to help you build rebuildable coils, or replace a standard stock 2ml aspire tank with an 8ml version – the product listing below has you covered.

The accessories section also hosts a range of replacement drip tips – great for personalising your device!