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Choosing the right batteries for your vape devices

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For something so small, it doesn’t half have a big job

If we’re keeping it black and white, if you don’t look after your batteries for your vape devices then they won’t perform how you want them too. However, knowing how to can be quite tricky. Well, that is up until now … because that’s literally what this article is about.

In all seriousness, batteries are essential if you want an enhanced and consistently high vaping experience. As the saying goes… no battery, no power. Finding the right battery for your device is equally as important as maintaining them. Get it wrong and we’ll be the first to tell you that you’re risking a lot. In this article, it is our sole aim to make sure the quality of your experience is never up for grabs. To stop you from having to google ‘why isn’t my vape working?’


Back to basics

So, when it comes to vaping, there are two types of batteries that you need to know about anyway. Unless you’re steal vaping with a smaller vape pen or other starter kits that come with built-in internal batteries, you’re more than likely going to be using external batteries. We’re looking at you, SMOK and Aspire users. So, what are we working with?

18650 – This is a major throwback for millennials as these batteries were always used for flashlight torches. However, these are also found in a vast majority of mods. It would be pretty cool if the names of these batteries were some cryptic data codes, and as much as we don’t want to burst your bubble but they simply symbolise the size of the battery. 18mm diameter, 65mm height and a “0” is the battery’s way of saying: “I’m cylindrical”. These batteries deliver the power you need when you’re vaping and we’ll even go as far as saying they’re heavyweights in the battery world.

Samsung INR 18650 30Q 3000mAh Battery
LG HG2 20A 3000mAh 18650 Battery

26650 – The 26650 batteries are less common but are known for being slightly wider than the 18650s. They are most commonly found of Aspire devices.

A 26650 battery from Aspire with a 4300mah capacity and 40 amps.

Lithium-ion batteries are made up of three elements: the cathode, the anode and the electrolyte. The cathode element is that part that gives each type its own unique characteristic. All you need to know is that most vape devices use lithium-ion batteries – like the ones you find in your phone, laptop and torches. Each battery sold at Smokeyjoes has a full technical spec so if you’re a little lost, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Til death do your vape devices batteries part

Your batteries have to get married. Sound’s odd right, but let us explain. Marrying your batteries is literally what it says on the tin. Keep your vape devices and batteries together from day one. In theory, you need to buy them together, discharge them together and charge them together. We’re not being dramatic but it’s very important if you want longer battery life. This also means your device isn’t relying on one battery to do all of the work.

Battery safety is a must

Vaping is fun, we know that you know that, but unfortunately, this section doesn’t get funny jokes because it’s serious business. You may have been exposed to news headlines outlining just how badly things can go if you don’t respect the maintenance of your vape devices and their batteries including the most basic rules of physics.

A Smokey Tip

As a rule of thumb, always follow the following steps when it comes to battery safety.

What to do and what not to do

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Always use the right charger – Most vape devices come with their own charger. However, if you’re exploring more advanced devices, you may have more of a choice when it comes to charging. You may have come across some devices that are compatible for micro-USB charging. Do not use any old micro-USB charger. It is always recommended that you should the charge that is specifically compatible with your vape devices.

Always use the correct batteries – We’ve covered this a fair bit but obviously we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have. No question is too big or small. Your safety is our utmost importance so give us a shout and we will happily recommend which ones are the best for you. Make sure you don’t use any damaged or open packages when you first receive them.


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Don’t cheap out – If you opt for the cheaper or counterfeit options, your vape devices will not perform and can compromise the safety. Counterfeit batteries achieve one thing and that’s making dishonest people rich. We ensure that our batteries are high quality, genuine and most importantly, safe straight from trusted manufacturers.

Don’t recycle batteries – We can’t really say much more about this. It’s not safe. Unused lithium-ion batteries can deplete charge over time and below a certain point, they can quickly become dangerous. Don’t recycle these.

Don’t expose batteries to extreme temperatures – They should never be exposed to conditions that are too hot or too cold.

Don’t carry batteries loose or pack them into checked luggage – Regardless if it’s in your pockets, bags or purchases, don’t do it. This is the number one reason for accidents and explosions as they can cause a spark if they were to rub against each other or other materials.

Don’t charge them too long and don’t exceed the limits of the amp – It’s not recommended to charge your batteries overnight. That will feed them more charge than they need. If it’s fully charged, unplug it. You also want to feed batteries at the rate they can handle. If you’re unsure about amp limits, ask us.

Regulated vs. Unregulated Mods

It’s up to you which vape devices are best for you and whether you choose a regulated mod (most mods fall into this family) or an unregulated mod.

Regulated mods have the lots of safety to consider but this is taken care for you. Circuit boards regulating current and control features, power flow and built-in safety features, plus overheating and short circuit cut-off protection. Variable wattage and variable voltage mods are regulated. It’s recommended that you stick to regulated unless you’re a physics whizz. The biggest feature basically determines whether you can adjust the wattage.

Aspire NX40 Mod
Aspire Zelos 2.0 Kit

Unregulated mods are just a coil wired to a battery and you can’t adjust the wattage. This is just lots of power going straight to the atomiser, however, you need to have a lot of knowledge from set-up, to charging and maintenance. The latest addition to our stock is the Uwell Koko Caliburn Pod Kit below. This is an example of an unregulated mod.

koko uwell kalibern kit pod


External charging bays

As soon as you’re comfortable enough to upgrade to a box mod, it’s recommended that you start using external charging bays so you can charge your batteries externally. This results in faster charging time, no interference with the vape devices and longer battery life.

Happy vaping.


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