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Athene – Our Athene juice makes a sweet summertime statement with its all-day fruity flavour. Exploding with juicy watermelon and freshly picked strawberries, this juice is perfectly blended with tangy lemonade to give it a citrusy kick.

Dimp Reloaded – The eternally worshipped Dimpleberry, reloaded with even more menthol and eucalyptus, combined with a complex medley of berries. Dimpleberry Reloaded is a new exquisite blend to be revered.

Helios – Harnessing the warmth of the summer sun, our Helios juice balances sweet and sour. With its combination of the velvety softness of tangy apricots and the delicious juiciness of perfect peaches, its warm rich blend encapsulates a delectable touch of the tropics.

Daphne – Daphne vape evokes the sweet and tart delight of blackberry cheesecake. With a buttery biscuit base filled with cool cream cheese

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Athene, Daphne, Dimp Reloaded, Hades, Helios, Typhon, Vermilion Reloaded


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