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Nicotine shots are 10ml bottles of high strength flavourless e liquid, they are designed to be added to bigger bottles of nicotine free e-liquid to make it your desired strength.
Due to the Tobacco Products Directive that recently came into force across Europe manufacturers can no longer sell eliquid in a bottle any bigger than 10ml in size; hence nicotine shots, or “nic shots” are born. It allows companies to sell larger bottles of nicotine free eliquid, which are not regulated under the Tobacco Products Directive, with a 10ml bottle of high strength flavourless e-liquid to add to the bigger bottle. Adding the high strength to the bigger bottle dilutes the nicotine strength to a much lower level.

Our products are supplied with an 18mg nicotine shot free of charge.


This depends entirely on what strength you would like your eliquid to be:

0MG (0%)

This one is nice and easy, you can ignore the rest of this guide!

3MG (0.3%)

If you vape 3mg liquids, you’re in luck! Simply pour the entire 10ml bottle of 18mg nic shot into your bottle and give it a good shake!

6MG (0.6%) OR HIGHER

This is where the process gets a little more involved. The problem is, with 10ml being the biggest size nicotine containing eliquid can be, and 20mg/ml the strongest strength, one nicotine shot of 18mg isn’t enough. You would need almost two nicotine shots to make 6mg and almost four to make 12mg! And there clearly isn’t enough space for more than one.
But not to worry… There is a solution, if you already have nicotine base liquid of 72mg strength or you can find some to purchase online/borrow from a friend then you can easily make your liquid 6mg or 12mg.

Please note: please only follow these steps if you are a competent DIY eliquid maker, otherwise please contact us or visit us in store and we will offer some advice. Nicotine base liquid is EXTREMELY dangerous if improperly handled.

  • For 6mg: add 5ml of 72mg base nicotine & 5ml of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol
  • For 12mg: just add 10ml of 72mg/ml base nicotine

*Using nicotine base in this manner will change the PG/VG ratio slightly depending on a few variables, these instructions serve as a simple guide, with the notion of not over complicating things. If you would like to use an eliquid calculator and are comfortable with it, please do so.

18MG (1.8%)

18mg is not attainable with these products as would require 15ml of 72mg strength nicotine base, and there’s only 10ml space in the bottle. Also these eliquids are high VG e-liquids, which generally means are best enjoyed at lower strengths.