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Vape tanks in Rugby – Everything you need to know

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Vape tanks in Rugby alongside vape devices in general are becoming more and more advanced, therefore it’s good to be in the know of their developments and what each tank is and how they are using within vaping.

In this article, we’re going to look at the different types of vape tanks in Rugby and which coils work best with them. There are many different vape tanks variations to choose from at our vape shop and these are easily categorised, which we have listed below.


Getting your head around vape tanks in Rugby

The easiest way to get your head around vape tanks in Rugby and well vaping in general is through breaking down each component and with vape tanks, we’ve categorised them into Mouth to lung tanks, rebuildables and sub-tanks. If you’re new to vaping and you’re reading this without a clue what we’re on about, don’t worry. This article will answer some pressing questions and help to help distinguish which vape tank is the right for you. If you’re a current vaper or have a bit of experience and are unsure of which tank to use or switch too, we’ve got you covered. As a matter of fact, if you’re not vaping at all and are looking to move away from smoking altogether, vaping is definitely the best move you can make. With that being said, let’s focus on the matter at hand – vape tanks in Rugby!

Different types of vape tanks

As mentioned above, the three categories we’re going to be discussing today are:

What are mouth to lung tanks?

More traditionally and when vaping was first introducing and evolving, the term mouth to lung vapes was redundant. This is because all vape tanks in Rugby and across the world were mouth to lung. However, they’ve advanced since then and are designed in a similar way that simulates smoking a traditional cigarette. These tanks produce less clouds but are produced so you can inhale the vapour into your mouth initially, then into your lungs. If you’re a beginner or thinking of switching to vaping from smoking, these vape tanks in Rugby are recommended.

The type of throat hit you get is determined by what nicotine strength is in your e-liquids. However, more often than not, it will be similar to the type of sensation you get when you smoke. Of course, the amount of nicotine in your e-liquids can be adjusted to suit preferences and in turn, makes it easier to quit as you lower the quantity.

Within the mouth to lung tanks, there are coils that usually have a resistances of 1.0ohm (Ω) or higher. This is because it gives you a good amount of flavour whilst you’re easing into vaping, or if you’re after more of a sociable vape that doesn’t produce big clouds, mouth to lung vape tanks in Rugby could be for you.

Aspire Nautilus xs tank
Innokin Zlide tank
Aspire Nautilus X


Sub Ohm Vape tanks in Rugby

Sub Ohm vape tanks in Rugby are a popular choice amongst vapers for a reason, they perform well. They are a number one choice for vapers across the world and that is down to a larger tank capacity, longer coil life and probably the best flavour production in the market … to name a few.

To categorise what counts as a ‘Sub Ohm tank’, it comes down to the resistance of the coil. Unlike Mouth to lung tanks, sub ohm tanks typically use coils below 1.0 ohm (Ω) and are used at a higher wattage. They heat up quicker and use a lot more e-liquid but result in a more powerful vape.

Smok tfv16 lite tank
Horizontech Falcon 2 Tank With Free Bubble Glass
Aspire Nautilus GT Tank


A Smokey Tip

We advise to lower the nicotine levels in your e-liquid by around 50% when using a sub ohm tank due to inhaling more vapour with this type of tank.

Brace yourselves – we’re entering the world of rebuildables

If you like being in control – listen up closely, you’re in for a treat. RTA’s and RDA’s are for vey advanced vapers who want a little added adventure to their lives.

“Don’t worry, when we say rebuildable, we don’t mean the whole tank! Just the coils.”


To understand how rebuildables, we need to explore how and what they’re made up of. With rebuildable tanks and drippers, you build your own coils with strands of wire and feed the wicking material/cotton through it. This is where the e-liquid will be absorbed and heat up. What’s all this jargon we hear you say?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomiser and RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser – these are essentially tankless. You simply ‘drip’ the liquid directly on the coil. Once the coil starts drying up, just drip some more.

Please take the time to research rebuildable before attempting to use one, they can be very dangerous if not used properly. Make sure you know your device inside and out and have a base knowledge of ohms law as well.

A Smokey Tip

One thing you should note from the beginning when choosing your vape tanks in rugby, is that the ratio between VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) in your vape e-liquid will affect how the tank performs.


What tank will you choose?

So now you are equipped with all of the information needed on vape tanks in Rugby, why not browse the collection we have available. Interested in getting more? Explore the whole site ranging from e-liquids, devices and multi-deals. We have it all. If you need help, give us a call – we’re here to stear you in the right direction.


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