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Tips for making your vaping equipment Eco-friendly

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There’s friendly and then there’s eco-friendly

If you’re a vaper or a part of the vaping community, you can be very proud that you are not contributing to millions of cigarette butts being discarded every single day. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can be even more eco-friendly just with your vaping equipment alone. When you vape, you don’t run the risk of deforestation and degradation that comes with growing tobacco. As much as we want to be able to take complete praise, vaping is not completely without environmental impacts so it’s best to be as eco-friendly with our vaping equipment as possible.

Whether you’re vaping sweet cake flavoured e-liquids or mouth-tingling menthol flavours, let’s enjoy it as much as possible whilst contributing to saving the planet. In this article, we’re going to discuss how your vaping equipment and the way in which it is used can be adjusted for a more eco-friendly vape.

It all starts with the batteries

Eventually, there will come a time that your vaping equipment will need to be replaced. However, the way in which you dispose of them is what matters the most. All batteries, whether they are internal or external will need to be disposed of carefully and just as importantly, correctly. You should always ensure you dispose of your old batteries in a designated battery recycling bin rather than a general one at home. This way, they can be properly disposed of in a safe way and as a result, will limit the impact on the environment.

Vaping equipment does include e-liquids

E-liquids are the elements of vaping that you will most likely go through the most. This can be because you want to trial and test different flavoured e-liquids in Rugby as well as experiment with DIY e-liquids. The most common thing we see is that a new e-liquid flavour comes out and before you know it, your current bottles of juice are quickly forgotten about. This is okay because, at the end of the day, you want to find a delicious vape.



A Smokey Tip

If you decide that a certain e-liquid isn’t for you, try passing it into other vapers. You never know, your family and friends maybe after that exact flavour and re-gifting is always a better option than throwing them out time and time again.

Whatever you do, don’t pour them into the sink. Though it’s deemed safe, it can result in the e-juices ending up in our water systems and pipes. There are many elements to consider and the safest way to dispose of vaping equipment that includes e-liquids is through using an absorbent mater such as sawdust, wood chippings or tissue to soak up the e-liquid. Following that, you can put the absorbing materials in a biodegradable bag and throw it out. Your vaping equipment, including e-liquid bottles, can be recycled as long as they are empty. You can also recycle your e-cigarette, devices and hardware as the glass and metal components are recyclable if done properly.

Save power, save the environment

After a long day of vaping or a busy day at the office, your vaping equipment needs as much of a break as you do. Switching your device off completely when you’re not using it will safely use power and prolong the life of your batteries and device and will result in less electricity being used. However, you can opt for standby modes in between vapes if your device has the capacity to do so.

When it comes to physically charging your device, only charge it until the battery is full. Don’t leave it on charge for hours on end or overnight, as this runs the risk of over-charging and putting a strain on your battery. It can also affect the quality of battery life for your vaping equipment and devices.

Want to dive into your vaping equipment a little more?

We’re on hand to discuss your vaping equipment and any other vaping queries you may have. Don’t be shy – give us a call and we can talk through any questions you have. You’re already better for your health by switching to vaping. Next on the list is to figure out how to do your bit for the environment.


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