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We’re working hard to get your orders to you but deliveries are taking longer than usual at this exceptionally busy time.

The Mr. Range – A new E-liquid range that’s here to stay

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Better taste, bigger bottles and better for the bank balance.

The Mr. Range is a new-ish e-liquid range with a twist. We’re proud of this one because it’s our own e-liquid range but it’s special – trust us. If we know one thing – it’s vaping. You may have heard us say it before, but we’ll say it again – we live and breath it, literally. Once you step into the world of vaping, we know it may be easy to become obsessed. What’s not to love? We understand the temptation to try them all – the e-liquids, the devices, the tanks … you want them all. But sometimes, this can be costly and the last thing we want to do is have any of our customers pay over the odds for vaping and doing something they love. This is why we introduced The Mr. Range e-liquids.


Our love for the e-liquid game

We have to be honest – we have to take our hats off to the big boys in the industry. Vaping is a community thing and you have brands like Zeus Juice, Vampire Vape, T-Juice, Wick Liquor, Herbal Tides that are storming the vaping industry. There are so many more that we could mention, but there’s a reason why we’re talking about them. These are brands that produce beautiful tasting e-liquids time and time again and it was inspiration from brands like this that inspired us to release our own range. We break The Mr.Range down and discuss each flavour in detail. It’s pretty neat because you’re definitely going to find a flavour you fall in love with.

Starting with Mr White

We’re a fan of Mr. White because he’s different. Mr White was introduced to the Mr. Range because of the unique and authentic flavour he brings to the vaping market. Encompassed into this bottle is a mixed blend of fruit, aniseed and menthol. You may think from the offset that these flavours may not complement each other, but oh my god, they do! If you’re accustomed to the Heisenberg E-liquid by Vampire Vape, you may just fall completely in love with Mr.White. Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone.

mr white fruity menthol Heisenberg

Mr Pink – The fruitiest from the Mr. Range

Mr Pink is good for the soul. He is full of vibrant and juicy flavours and this will most definitely be a favourite amongst the vapers who are a fan of fruity flavours. The most dominant flavours in this e-liquid are strawberries and blackcurrants. However, it doesn’t stop there. There are subtle hints of anise on the exhale which is quite literally like a party on your tongue. Mr. Pink is a very close neighbour of Pinkman from Vampire Vape with similarities of flavours. However, Mr. Pink offers more of an authentic flavour as you can really taste the bursts of fruit in your mouth.

strawberry blackcurrant anise short fill

Mr. Red

Mr. Red is one of the most popular e-liquids from The Mr. Range and there’s a good reason for it. It’s because we made it. No, but seriously, all jokes aside, the flavours that take over Mr Red are those that directly rival the all famous Red Astaire. We know how many of you will have tried Red Astaire and fallen in love … we have three words for you. HELLO MR RED. This combines red berries, black grapes, aniseed and that all-important menthol. The best way we can describe this combination of flavours is that of Cherry Tune’s sweets.

red berries Red Astaire aniseed menthol

Mr Blue isn’t blue at all

Mr Blue from The Mr. Range takes the fruity menthol profile of Mr Red but then goes above and beyond by adding a blueberry and raspberry twist. Mr Red and Mr Blue go hand in hand because they are direct rivals of the Astaire e-liquids from T-Juice. Mr Blue – Blue Astaire … you get the gist. However, Mr Blue is bringing something new to the table. This is a taste sensation that will quite literally leave you wanting more. If you’re a fan of a fruity menthol kick, this is the one for you.

blueberry raspberry menthol

The latest member of the family

Mr. Reload hasn’t been around long but my gosh, he’s become a popular purchase for vapers. He’s very diverse as he comes in concentrate for all of you DIY E-liquid enthusiasts. Why is he so popular we hear you say? If you like Black Reloaded, you’re guaranteed to love this e-liquid. There’s flavours of aniseed, blackberry, blackcurrant and menthol in this short fill and it’s pretty damn good.

blackberry blackcurrant aniseed menthol Astaire

Throwback with Mr. Nuts

Everyone is most likely to be accustomed to the old school favourite sweets ‘Rhubarb and custard’. Well, if you’re a fan of those – this e-liquid has more of a smokey twist on it. This bottle encompasses a rhubarb blend with creamy coconut. Yes, we know – it’s hard to believe that these flavours compliment each other but guess what? This flavour is absolutely nuts – hence where the name came from. This is particularly fun for the tastebuds as you get the sweet yet intense hit of rhubarb followed by a cooling and creamy hit of coconut. Absolutely delicious and definitely worth getting your hands on.

sweet coconut and rhubarb

Keeping in old school – Mr Yellow

Mr Yellow is bringing all the sunshine but we’ll let you into a little secret. He’s a hybrid – but what a beautiful tasting hybrid he is. Keeping in theme with old school sweets – Mr Yellow mimics the flavours of the cough sweets, Lockets. Ok, so we admit, calling it an old school sweet might be a bit of a stretch but you get what we mean. It’s got notes of lemon, it’s got notes of honey and it’s even got notes of eucalyptus – it’s got notes of everything that makes this a very soothing and comforting. Try it for yourself and judge how good it is.

eucalyptus menthol honey and lemon

Expanding The Mr. Range

We’ve treated you quite a bit with these new flavours however, it wouldn’t be in our nature to stop there. We’ll be looking at expanding The Mr. Range family and who knows what will be in store next. In the meantime, if you have any questions about The Mr. Range or any of our other e-liquids, devices or tanks, be sure to give us a call.


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