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We’re working hard to get your orders to you but deliveries are taking longer than usual at this exceptionally busy time.

The A to Z vape maintenance guide for our vaping products in Rugby

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More than just another vaping guide … trust us!

Getting a top of the state vaping device is all good as long as you know how to keep it clean. We get it, maintaining and cleaning your e-cig, device, tank, coils, whatever else it maybe can often be seen as the least enjoyable part of vaping. But do you want to know what’s worse? ‘Tell us’ we hear you say! Vaping from an unmaintained device. Our vaping products in Rugby are sourced from the best and most trusted brands. To name a few we’ve got Aspire, Geekvape and Smok. We’ll be honest, we’ll be pretty sad to see amazing vaping gear ruined when they can easily be looked after with our tips, hints and guides.

We often hear people talking about whether vape maintenance is needed and the answer is simply yes. Without the proper care and attention, your e-cig or vape device will not function properly and the last thing we want is for you to have the latest and best vapes and find yourself not being able to use them if they become problematic.

So, what have we done? We’ve put a very short guide about the most essential things to keep your vaping products in Rugby performing as they should. We know, we’re good to you guys!


E-liquid maintenance with Smokeyjoes

E-liquid juice should always be stored in a cool and dry place and should be away from direct and indirect sunlight. Always make sure that the lid/screw top is securely put back on before storing away. We’d even go as far as saying storing your e-juices in the fridge to preserve them longer and to keep them fresher.

If you do opt for storing in public places or commonly used areas of your home, like a cupboard or the fridge, please make sure they are away from pets and animals. E-liquids look just a tasty to them as they do to you, if not more.

A Smokey Tip

Sometimes, your e-liquids can form small crystals. This isn’t a bad thing so don’t worry. It may just need a quick shake-up. If they don’t dissolve when shaken, you can warm it up in a bowl of warm water. Whatever you do, do not overheat it. Don’t use boiling water and you should be fine. If you overheat it, it can cause an imbalance in the e-liquid and won’t taste the same and no – one wants that.

Want to see our top 3 picks for this month? You’re in luck, they’re right below.

Apple & Pears E-liquid by The Good Stuff
After Dark E-liquid by Ruffian
Desserts to Die For E-liquid - Blackcurrant Jus with honeycomb Curls

Coil maintenance

Vaping is exciting – we understand that more than most and we love our vaping products in Rugby. But whatever you do, don’t get ahead of yourself. Always use your coils within the recommended wattage or temperature range. A coil may not look burnt or overused, but trust us, you’ll definitely know about it before you see it. By using your coil within the limits, it will make them last longer and stop them from burning out, or even worst, vaping the taste of a burnt coil.


To stay on top of cleaning it, you can rinse it with water to increase how long you can use it, however, we recommend changing your coil every 3-4 weeks. They are a consumable at the end of the time and if you are using a clearomiser with replaceable coils then you should definitely do this to stop it affecting the performance of the rest of your vaping products in Rugby. Screwing a clearomiser too tightly into the clearomiser can damage the connections. Screw the clearomiser it in firmly (by hand) but not too tightly.

Stay on top of your vape tank

A clean tank is a happy tank is a saying we live by, so much so that we dedicated a whole article on how to clean your tank properly and thoroughly. But, we’re good people and good people always summarise. We say you should clean your tank every 2 weeks as a general rule of thumb and/or whenever you’re replacing a fresh coil.

A Smokey Tip

When your tank is filled with that ever-so tasty and juice e-liquid, store it upright so it doesn’t leak. The worst thing that a leaky tank is a sticky vaping device.

Innokin Zlide tank
Aspire Nautilus X

Mods & Battery Maintenance for your vaping products in Rugby

it is vital to make sure your mod is clean, whether this is from excess e-liquid or dirt. A clean mod is a happy mod, it also means you’re far less likely to drop it too.

Battery safety is something we take very seriously at Smokeyjoes. Choosing the right batteries and maintenance to ensure safety is the first point of call. There are quick wins to ensure your batteries are kept in good condition. Store them correctly and don’t overcharge them. You don’t want to push the capabilities to far.

Aspire 21700 25A 3800mAh Battery
Aspire 4300mAh 40A 26650 Battery


Safety is everything.

One thing you should always ensure is that you do not use unlicensed or damaged batteries. This should be applied across all vaping products in Rugby. Unfortunately, there are many ‘businesses’ in the market that don’t care about their customers as much as we do. We keep it real at Smokeyjoes and in amongst the jokes and banter, our real and honest advice will always ensure your safety.

Talk to us – it’s the best thing to do. We can find the perfect device, e-liquid and accessory for you. We won’t bite – we promise.

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