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Supergood E-liquid Review

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This range is just … Supergood. The clue is in the title

You might have seen that we’ve got some pretty neat and swanky new ranges in and though we’ve had the Supergood e-liquid range in for a short while now, we’re super excited about them. ‘Why?’ we hear you ask – well, we’re glad you asked. We’ll tell you why. This range is sleek, funky and encompasses everything that vaping is. Fun, flavour and fantastic. But it’s so much more than this. We’ve tasted a lot of e-liquids .. more than we can recall and you’d be surprised to know how many are so full of promise yet fall flat on their arses.

We’ve decided to dive into a few of our favourite Supergood e-liquids and explore each flavour in depth. But before that … we’re going to set the scene.



A small intro…

What’s the best thing about being on holiday? The eating and the drinking, of course. Don’t worry – we totally get if you fantasise about cocktails by the sea and delicious food by your poolside. It’s almost as if you can taste it right now, isn’t it?. Well, guess what, you can! With this Supergood e-liquid range.

They released a collection of classic cocktails or delicious desserts or even better … and if we have some advice for you, we wouldn’t choose between one or the other. They’re simply that good. So, all that’s left to do is get into it!

Immerse yourself in some buttery goodness

Straight off the bat, you can tell that these Supergood have been created by people who understand and appreciate the industry. They literally show you the flavour profile in large letters on the exterior of the bottles which is something that all vapers will appreciate and more importantly want. They also have sleek and high-end black chubby bottles which really does tell us a lot. They are expensive and they are sleek which shows how much pride has gone into producing this range and more importantly leaves a lasting impression on us vapers.

Butter 01 – Mango, Passionfruit, Meringue & Cream e-liquid

The first thing we have to mention is the juiciness and deliciousness of the mango concentrate they have used in this. It’s very prominent but not overpowering and this is oh so important. The Passionfruit carries in alongside this taste and becomes more zingy on the exhale.

It’s all fruity goodness on the inhale with a creamy and smooth fullness on the exhale. The Butter 01 Supergood e-liquid is well balanced, not too sweet, but sweet enough to hit the spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. Big Win.

 Butter 01 by Supergood 120ml
Butter 01 by Supergood 60ml


Butter 02 – Jam, Biscuit, Meringue & Cream e-liquid

This Supergood e-liquid has managed to capture the traditional flavour of strawberry jam down to an absolute tee. The most significant flavour is the strawberry but they’ve managed to find the perfect balance between the juiciness and the crisp yet melt in the middle biscuit. The biscuit comes at more of a slow-release but it’s amazing how they haven’t made it dry on the palate. If you want a trip down memory lane – this e-liquid is like biting into a hot and freshly baked biscuit with a blob of jam in the middle; just like the ones your grandma would make during the Summer. We’re making a big assumption that everyone’s nana did this. If she didn’t then you don’t have to miss out. Get your hands on this e-liquid now!

 Butter 02 by Supergood 120ml
Butter 02 by Supergood 60ml

Butter 03 – Lemon, Blueberry, Sponge & Cream e-liquid

This one took us by surprise and we mean that in a good way. These are two combinations of flavours we didn’t ever think would go together but we were wrong. This is absolutely delicious. This Supergood e-liquid is really hard to explain – it’s got the bitterness and the sweetness of authentic tasting lemon but brings in the subtle hints of blueberry tartness. It’s all then combine and brought together with the spongecake that leaves your palate feeling like it’s just had a party.

 Butter 03 by Supergood 120ml
Butter 03 by Supergood 60ml

Butter 04 – Choc Cookie, Sweet Cereal, Ice Cream & Milk

The Butter 04 e-liquid is most definitely the sweetest of the butter range but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One thing we did notice was that this e-liquid doesn’t kill your coil like most sweet e-liquids are known for. Another thing we noticed with this is that the ice cream only kicks in on the exhale but it isn’t your typical ‘cold’ style that you may have been accustomed to with some manufacturers. You don’t get any cold or icy feels with this one – just straight up thick creamy goodness. When you first look at the list ingredients, you’re probably thinking sugar overload. But it’s not the case at all. The mild yet intense hit of chocolate blends the whole e-liquid together to give you a really well-balanced e-liquid.

 Butter 04 by Supergood 120ml
Butter 04 by Supergood 60ml

Butter 05 – Marshmallow, Custard, Vanilla Cream & Cinnamon

The cinnamon and custard results in an extremely creamy mouthfeel on the exhale, and it feels sweet and full-bodied. If you dig sweet cinnamon with a subtle hint of marshmallow gooey-ness then this is the e-liquid for you.

 Butter 05 by Supergood 120ml
Butter 05 by Supergood 60ml


Butter 06 – Blueberry, Candyfloss, Cookie & Cream

At first glance, this seems like an odd combination of ingredients however, this is very popular amongst vapers who are a fan of blueberries. The best thing about this Supergood e-liquid is that there are no artificial flavourings in this bottle and the prominent flavour of blueberries is very authentic tasting encompassing the sweet and bitterness of blueberries. This is complemented by the candyfloss on the exhale and is bound altogether with the cookies and cream. Absolutely perfect for blueberry lovers!

 Butter 06 by Supergood 120ml
Butter 06 by Supergood 60ml

Classic Cocktails are never going out of trend

A fruity blend of cocktails are sure to brighten up any day – but the way in which Supergood have encompassed classic cocktails on the go is second to none. Again, their packaging makes you want to taste the e-liquids even more and they list everything that’s included in the bottle. We’re literally quite drunk in love with these e-liquids and you guessed it, we’re going to break down each flavour one by one.


You’d make a great pear – Pear Fizz Supergood e-liquid

This one is made up of champagne, pear and lime. Not literally but it’s definitely hard to tell the difference. The flavour of sweet and juicy pears really does mimic those of real pears and it is combined perfectly with the fresh lime. As mad as it sounds – you can definitely taste the fizz of the champagne. But what’s even more enticing is that the champagne isn’t a sweet artificial flavour. It encompasses the subtle hints of sugar and dryness of traditional champagne flavours. If we could, we would drink this all day long – if it was a drink. We’ll just have to settle for using this as our all-day-vape instead.

 Pear Fizz By Supergood 120ml
Pear Fizz By Supergood 60ml

Pornstar Martini Supergood e-liquid

For all the pornstar martini lovers – this one actually tastes like … well, pornstar martinis! The passion fruit puree and vanilla are the flavours you’re met with first but then you get this tangy and tongue-tantalising orange and ice on the exhale and it quite literally is perfection. This is an ice vape but it’s not overpowering and overall, the flavours are refreshing and doesn’t leave a claggy feeling in your mouth.

 Pornstar Martini By Supergood 120ml
Pornstar Martini By Supergood 60ml


Rum Ting – A deep taste of the Caribbean

As the saying goes ‘we’re here for a good time’ and this is everything that the Rum Ting stands for. It has a creamy and sweet finish and the pineapple really comes through on the first taste. This is followed by a creamy banana and sweet and sharp note of maraschino cherry at the end. This Supergood e-liquid really stood out to us because it’s not as sharp as the other flavours. This one really does ooze creaminess – perfect if you’re into dessert e-liquids.

 Rum Ting By Supergood 120ml
Rum Ting By Supergood 60ml


Strawberry Daiquiri – A Cuban favourite

Calling all ice lovers – this is another one for you. You got the pinch and the punch with this as the sweet flavours of strawberries are combined with the punch of citrus. It’s finished with a strong ice on the exhale and your taste buds are left feeling very refreshed. It’s not too icy so it’s very pleasant on the palate and you could quite literally mistake yourself for having had a sip of a strawberry daiquiri.

 Strawberry Daiquiri By Supergood 120ml
Strawberry Daiquiri By Supergood 60ml


Blue Pom Mojito – A twist on a Cuban classic

If you’ve read all of the above – you might know what’s coming next. The Supergood e-liquid range most certainly knows how to handle blueberry flavours and the tartness and sweetness really comes through in this one. The mint is slightly cool but not icy and works really well with the other flavours. If you’re looking for a super classic cocktail that has a modern twist – you need to get your hands on this today.

 Blue Pom Mojito By Supergood 120ml
Blue Pom Mojito By Supergood 60ml

Peach Bellini

This Peach Bellini E-liquid by Supergood is the closest thing to a real peach that is on the market and trust us, we’ve tried many peach vapes before. This one is by far the best out there. Genuinely tastes like the real thing and doesn’t have the usual floral or pungent taste that other peach flavours have. A must if peach is your thing!

 Blue Pom Mojito By Supergood 120ml
Peach Bellini By Supergood 60ml

Final thoughts on the Supergood e-liquid range

Our final thoughts on the Supergood range would be thus – we’ve spent a LOT of time over the past years surrounded by, in my opinion, some of the most talented mixologists out there. They don’t do it for business, most of them do it for themselves, but the effort and creativity they put into their mixes are in some cases are inspiring, and you can tell as soon as you taste any of the flavours. Check them out today and get your hands on them. Judge for yourself and see what our other ranges are saying.

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