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Mouth to lung vape Vs Direct to lung vape in Rugby

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You and vapes be-lung together

If you’re new to vaping or looking to make the switch and transition away from cigarettes, it’s pretty useful to know that there are two kinds of vaping hits to enjoy. These are known as ‘mouth to lung vape’ in Rugby and ‘Direct to lung vape’ in Rugby. We’re going to break it down to see which is going to be the best vape for you. First things first – let’s understand what they both mean.


Mouth to lung vape – Rugby

A Mouth to lung vape, often referred to as M2l or MTL vaping is the process of inhaling the vapour produced from taking a puff of your favourite e-liquid into your mouth first, collect it there, then breathe it all completely into your lungs. If you’re a smoker, you may be very familiar to this as it’s a similar process to smoking traditional cigarettes. It was also common in early adoptions of e-cigarettes or e-cigs as people prefer to call them, because of the way a basic e-cig mimicked tobacco cigarettes.

Naturally, the evolution of vaping has come leaps and bounds which in turn means e-cigs and vaping devices have become more popular and more accessible. Vapers all around enjoy a mouth to lung vape Rugby more and more because of the benefits and ease of getting them rather than as a necessity and little choice to choose from. To get the most from your Mouth to lung vape Rugby, you need the right mouth to lung kit and/or tank. You didn’t think we’d leave you to figure out which ones to choose to get your started did you? We’ve hand-selected a few favourites from the site to give you a look and feel for what Mouth to lung vaping could look like for you.


Mouth to lung Tanks

Aspire Nautilus GT Tank
Aspire Nautilus XS Tank
Uwell KoKo Caliburn Pod Kit

Mouth to Lung Kits

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit
Aspire Pockex Starter Kit
Aspire K3 Tank

Is a Direct to lung vape for you?

Unlike a Mouth to lung vape Rugby, direct to lung vaping (DL) is more aligned to normal breathing whereby you just inhale the vapour straight into your lungs without letting it sit in your mouth. This, therefore, allows for a more intense and satisfying hit with the right Direct to lung tanks and devices compared to a mouth to lung vape Rugby.

A Smokey Tip

If you’re starting out and are new to vaping, try mouth to lung vaping first to ease yourself into it.

Most people who are new to vaping don’t like a direct to lung vape rugby straight away but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up being an expert. Direct to lung vaping has seen an increase in popularity due to the rise in vaping competitions and cloud chasing; pretty much trying to perfect the right throat hit. One thing to bare in mind is this is down to the device you have and assuming your e-cig or tank is compatible. As seen above, some e-cigs, tanks and kits are designed solely for mouth to lung and direct to lung which can be found below.


Sub-Ohm- Direct to lung Tanks

Aspire Odan Sub Ohm Tank With Free 7ml Glass
Horizontech Falcon 2 Tank With Free Bubble Glass
Geekvape Zeus Sub ohm Tank

Sub-Ohm-Direct to Lung Kits

OBS Cube FP Vape Kit
Smok T-Storm Kit
Smok Stick 80w Kit


The best E-liquids for mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping

With a mouth to lung vape, Rugby, there are different e-liquids you have to consider. using a high PG strength e-liquid is more suited for a mouth to lung vape and gives a satisfactory and smoother throat hit. You also get maximum flavour and you can buy your e-liquids at a preferred nicotine level which is especially useful if you’re quitting smoking.

For direct to lung vaping, it is recommended that you use low nicotine or 0mg (nicotine free) e-liquids as the nicotine will hit you more directly with DL vaping. If you use a high PG strength e-juice, it could make you cough or feel really unpleasant. Opt for high VG level e-liquids for less of a lung hit but a load more cloud production.


The comparison

With all things vaping, the ultimate goal is that you can get whatever you want to suit your preference. It has to be said that it should always be around what is right for you. Naturally, it depends on what sort of sensation you’re after and how much of an intense throat hit you want. If your motive is to quit smoking, a mouth to lung vape, Rugby is similar to cigarette smoking so this is the best route to go down. If it’s more about the fun and you’re after more of a rush with great big vapour clouds, then direct to lung vape will be for you. If you need a chat to pick our brains and get some more information into which is the best option for you, get in touch today. We’re a lovely bunch!

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