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Top tips on how to clean your vape tank

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Posted on 07/05/19

It’s all about the taste

When you’re waiting for a delivery, the anticipation and excitement is something we’ve all experienced. Your new vape device delivery is no different, so let us set the scene! It’s like a new pair of trainers that you avoid getting dirty at all costs. Your delivery has just come and it’s packaged nicely with a shiny new box and if you’re honest, you can’t wait to get stuck in. It’s sleek and it’s shiny … so why wouldn’t you want to stay on top of keeping your vape tank in pristine condition?

To avoid your device becoming dirty, gunky and lacking in taste, make sure you clean it properly. If you don’t know how to – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.



Why should you clean your vape tank?

A clean vape tank is the easiest way to get optimal and long-term usage and performance. Although the ingredients of e-liquid juices will generally not affect the aesthetics of your device, naturally, the residue will accumulate and if left unattended, it can turn gunky and affect the performance of your device and even the taste of your hits.

If you’re keen on keeping your e-liquid flavours fresh then the last thing you want is to have the taste from your previous juice still lingering in your device. Imagine trying to vape our Lemon Tart Dinner Lady e-juice mixed in with a hint of Hazelnut Frapp by Marina Vape – no thanks. We’re all about ensuring that you get the maximum flavour on every hit you take.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our vaping bible instalments, you will know all about vegetable glycerin found in all e-liquid juices. If you’re wondering why this build-up of residue can occur, it’s simply down to the sweeteners used in e-liquid manufacturing; nothing a little clean can’t solve.

When to clean your vape tank?

How often you clean your vape tank is really down to personal preference. We can appreciate that you may not want to excessively be cleaning your device all the time, but simply rinsing and cleaning your vape tank is something you’ll want to stay on top of each time you change flavours. This way, you won’t be getting that awful mouthful of weird flavour combinations; unless that’s what you’re into of course.

We would always recommend changing your coil every 1-2 weeks and using this as an opportunity to clean the tank (rinse under the tap) before putting your new coil in.  Of course, this doesn’t include if your device isn’t giving you that hit that you want. Any time you feel your device isn’t performing how it should be, a full-scale 360 clean of your device may be a good shout but one thing to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t wash your coil as well. If you’re after a breakdown of how to clean your vape tank properly, then we’ve broken it down step by step below.

How to clean your vape tank?

When you choose an e-liquid flavour, you want the maximum flavour and we’re dedicated to helping you get that. You have two options to choose from, the rinse and dry or the deep clean.


– Fill a bowl with warm water.
– Detach tank from the mod.
– Dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank
– Completely disassemble your tank and place your coil somewhere safe and keep this separate.
– Place tank components into a bowl. (Do not place your coil into the bowl of warm water as this isn’t a component you should clean)
– Wash tank components in water until clean. If the tank is extremely dirty, a few drops of dish soap will help or check out the deep clean below for a few other ideas.
– Rinse thoroughly; especially if dish soap was used.
– Dry off each component with a paper towel.
– Let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes.
– Grab your coil and the other now dry components and reassemble tank and device.


If you’re looking for for a deeper clean with better results, you can invade your cupboards for some of these simple household items. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly and let your device sit to get dry.

Following the rinse and clean method, you could just the below items:

Baking soda


Cheap Vodka – this is not a household item, but chances are you can find it at the grocery store. It will do the job and won’t cost you much.
Anatomy of a Vape Tank

A Smokey Tip

When you’re taking your vaping device apart, pay close attention to how things fit together and make sure you keep a note of what goes where. Try laying the parts down in the same way your device is built; at least this you can keep all of your pieces together. These methods are guaranteed to get your devices shining again.

Proper cleaning will greatly extend the life of your vape tanks, but at some point, they will succumb to time and extensive use. If you’re on the market for a new tank, check out the range we have on offer. If you’re unsure as to when this may be, give us a call and we’re happy to go through it with you.