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A vaping Q & A – all your vaping questions answered in 2021.

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Welcome to the SmokeyJoes trivia

If you’re a fan of the vaping bible at SmokeyJoes, you’ll be accustomed to the wide choice of resources to read through to help enhance your vaping experience. Whether it’s product reviews, tips or guides, we’ve got everything you need to know to help you on your vaping journey and have answered the most common vaping questions in 2021.

What is vaping?

One of the best things about the vaping industry is the innovation and the advancements of the vaping devices that are on offer and are continuously developing. Sometimes, it can seem as though you’re too far behind and this can be a little daunting. However, vaping isn’t limited to only one type of vaper – in simple terms, you don’t have to be a vaping connoisseur to become a vaper. Whether you’re just starting off or more of an advance vaper or just starting off, our best advice to you is to start off with the basics and our initial vaping questions do just that.


The finer details of vaping

Vaping is simply a process. It is the process of heating an e-liquid into vapour that is inhaled by the vaper. This is vaping. However, there are different elements that need to be considered. There are different types of e-liquids. Firstly, e-liquids can be used with or without nicotine. This is ideal for smokers who want to transition to vaping or for those vapers who are general lovers. You also have the option of turning a normal bottle of e-liquid into one that contains nicotine through the use of nic salts. Common for those vapers who fall in love with a certain flavour or brand.


A Smokey Tip

If you’re new to vaping, or looking to experiment with new flavours or brands of e-liquids, take advantage of the smaller bottles of e-liquids. The last thing we want is for any e-liquid to go to waste or worst, forgotten about. Most brands manufacture their e-liquids in a varitey of sizes. Once you’ve experimented and fallen in love, opt for the bigger bottles.



What is an Ohm (Ω)?


An OHM is the standard unit of electrical resistance that is present in the coil inside an atomizer or tank. If you’re unsure of which part we are referring to, check out the anatomy of vapes to see how they’re made up.


The anatomy of vapes – we’re breaking down devices.


What are the different types of vaping available?


There are two types of vaping and this pretty much comes down to the type of vaper you are and slightly more significant if you’re transitioning away from smoking. You get Mouth to lung vaping and Direct Lung vaping. Mouth to lung vaping is similar to how you would smoke a traditional cigarette whilst direct lung resembles the typical smoking and inhalation of smoking shisha. If you’re unaware of both and are contemplating vaping for the fun of it, then we would 100% recommend getting in touch with one of the team. Don’t experiment if you don’t know which ones are best. We want you to experience the most epic vaping available so let us help.


Is my health at risk if I vape?


This is a topic we come along quite often because naturally, people are comparing smoking and vaping like for like. So much so, we’ve actually dedicated a whole article on it. But in short, the answer to this question is no as vaping s 95% less harmful based upon studies from the British Medical Association. Your age does have a part to play and this is a legal requirement and should be implemented across any vaping retailer. To purchase any vape product, device, or e-liquid, you must be 18 years old or above by law. If you’re lucky enough to look younger than the youthful age of 18, you may be required to prove your age via a driving license or passport in store. When you’re ordering online, you will also need to verify your age before being able to access the site and purchase.

18 age restriction sign. Prohibited under eighteen years red symbol. Vector illustration.

Am I allowed to vape anywhere?


There are some legislations in place in regards to where you can and cannot vape. Following the No Smoking ban in public places, there are a lot of places that have no included the use of e-cigarettes. If there was ever a time to ask vaping questions, this is the time. Always check with the venue or area before you start vaping. Read all about vaping etiquette here.

A Smokey Tip

If we put it frankly, no one likes a vaping idiot, so our advice to you? Don’t be one.


Can I take my vape when I travel?


Guess what? Another article we wrote covers the A to Z of traveling with your vaping equipment. We know, we know, we’re very good to you. It is okay to travel with your vaping devices and e-liquids, but it does depend on your destination. It is advisable to check with the local customs office of the country you are visiting to find out if they permit the carriage of electronic cigarettes.


What does vaping taste like? It is the same as tobacco?


This is our favourite question. Not because we’re happy to tell you it doesn’t just taste of tobacco, but it takes us into the world of e-liquids. Don’t get us wrong, the flavours of e-liquids differ immensely and if you want a stronger taste of tobacco then you can have exactly that. That’s literally the most beautiful thing about e-liquid flavours, you can pretty much have whatever you want. You literally have the choice of dessert e-liquids, fruit flavoured e-liquids, chocolate e-liquids, menthol e-liquids and nic salts … the options are quite limitless. Seeing as we’re in the mood to help you out, not just with answering a few vaping questions, we’ve hand selected a few favourites to help you on your way.



What am I actually inhaling? One of the main vaping questions.


E-liquids are made up of 4 main ingredients. This consists of water, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), artificial and natural flavourings and nicotine. (Technically that’s 5, but the extra nicotine isn’t the basis on what they’re made on). When you’re inhaling, you’re inhaling the vapour produced when the combination of these ingredients are heated.


How do I know if the products I use are legit?


We wish we could answer this for every type of vaping retailer but unfortunately we can’t. Here at, we pride ourselves on being able to spread the love and passion we have for vaping. We made it our ethos to ensure that we would live and breath vaping (literally) in the most ethical and authentic way. This means the elimination of clones, fakes and non-safe products. The way we see it is that you pay for what you get. The advancements in the vaping world have grown so rapidly and premium manufacturers are premium for a reason. They create unique and innovative devices from amazing materials and with such engineering techniques, the end products are nothing short of perfection. This means, naturally, you’ll be paying more for better products. That makes perfect sense. We only source from reputable manufacturers and with such devices, you can often find product identification as a means to verify it is legitimate and authentic. Be mindful, it’s not just expensive devices that get cloned.

As with any consumer goods out there, almost anything with a popular brand name can be recreated and sold cheap enough to replicate the real thing. We understand we could make a quick buck if we were to sell these, but let’s be honest, thats not what we’re about. Our biggest concern is the safety of our vapers. If you opt for the cheaper options that are faulty, you run the risk of having unsafe devices.


A Smokey Tip

Never buy from non-reputable retails. Ask questions, do your research and stay safe.

You can be sure that whenever you buy anything from, you’re buying genuine and full authorised products.

End of the trivia – do you need more vaping questions answered?

Did you find the answer you are looking for? If yes, then you are probably in a position to explore some devices and e-liquids.. When you get the one you need, regularly clean your vaping device and ensure you vape moderately. This guarantees a great overall experience. Naturally, we haven’t answered every single question – because if we’re honest, we’re abit busy selling some pretty neat devices and e-liquids but we’re always on hand for a chat and to answer questions you may have.