Uwell Crown 5 Mesh Coils


The Uwell Crown 5 replacement coils have been designed for use with the Uwell Crown 5 vape tank and kits that feature it. There are three varieties of this coil available, all of which have been designed to support sub ohm vaping and feature mesh builds to improve both flavour and vapour production. When it comes to e-liquid we recommend pairing them with a high VG e-liquid that is 70% VG or higher.


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The 0.2 Ohm Crown 5 coils feature the lowest resistance and rely on a triple mesh build to deliver the highest level of vapour production. Capable of being used between 65 – 70W these coils can be supported by a range of sub ohm vape devices.

The 0.3 Ohm Crown 5 coils, on the other hand, feature a dual mesh build and their slightly higher resistance are more suited to delivering a balance of flavour and vapour production. They can be used between 50 – 55W.

The 0.23 Ohm Crown 5 coils offer a mid-point between the two. They utilise a single mesh build that still delivers better flavour from e-liquids but produces slightly more vapour than the 0.2 Ohm coils. They can be used between 65 – 70W.


  • 4 x Uwell Crown 5 Coils

Additional information

Weight 100 g


Ohm Resistance

0.2 triple mesh, 0.23 single mesh, 0.3 dual mesh

Pack Quantity

Pack of 4

Wattage Range

0.23ohm 65w – 70w, 0.2ohm 65w – 70w, 0.3ohm 50w – 55w