OURJAY Raffle Tickets


Tickets are £1.00 each

First Prize – Xros 4 Mini kit, Luxe x kit, x2 packs of xros pods, Cap, T-shirt, Bottle Opener, Lanyard

Second Prize – Xros 3 kit, x2 packs of xros pods, Cap, T-shirt, Bottle Opener, Lanyard

Third Prize –  Xros 4 mini, x1 pack of pods

The Prize Draw will take place on July 31st

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We are Running a raffle to support OURJAY FOUNDATION making our community Heart safe. All Proceeds will be donated to OURJAY FOUNDATION

A Little about OURJAY

Jamie (or Jay, JJ, OurJay) was born on 25th November 2003. He was a cheeky little boy who lit up every single room he ever entered from that 1st day. Jamie had the most beaming smile and the biggest beautiful brown eyes.

Jamie was very clever and unbelievably funny. He could make you laugh just with a look, he didn’t even have to say anything and he could draw a smile. Jamie was never sad, he was a happy little boy, who was so content with his family, his beloved pets and his hobbies.

A keen fisherman from when he was only 2 years old, he would always catch the biggest fish, but he was proud of every single catch, no matter how big or small. Jamie was also an avid gamer, he would play PS5 with his mates for hours, sometimes all night if a game really got him gripped.

Jamie wasn’t keen on school, but he always did well, he tried his best at everything that ever interested him. Get into a conversation about space or the solar system and he’d be chattering away for hours. He was a huge Star Wars fan and he watched the films over and over again.

Our Jay was shy, in the cutest way. His college tutor told us, ‘he didn’t always have a lot to say, but when he spoke, people just listened, he always had something funny or relevant to say, people took notice of that boy’. He loved college and was determined he was going to be a self-employed plumber from a very young age. Jay and his mates had the ambition to set up their own business…and we absolutely know he would’ve made his ambition come true. Jamie ended up completing year’s 1&2 of his City & Guilds in plumbing. Jamie passed every exam with top grades and he was always so proud of his practical work. Rugby College has fixed a permanent display of Jamie’s plumbing work in the college workshop in his memory, this will remain there forever.

One of Jays biggest loves was his animals, his old dog Izzy, his little Toy Yorkie Castro and his ‘little best mate’ bearded dragon Luther. He would spend hours with his animals, they would lay on his bed all day watching him play computer games. Every Monday and Tuesday Castro could be found sitting on the windowsill watching for Jay to get home from college and Jay was so excited to see him when he got home.

Jamie adored his family, he loved his mum and dad so much, but his biggest inspiration was his big brother, Callum. He desperately wanted to be like Callum, he would dress like him, talk like him and ask his opinion on absolutely any decisions he had to make. Jamie also loved both his nans dearly, he had the most precious relationship with them both. They would spend hours chatting together over tea and toast. Jay loved his little sister Myla very much as well, they had a very special bond. All of Jamie’s family worshipped the ground he walked on, he was always just the loveliest, kindest boy and his family meant the world to him.

One thing that we’ve been told so many times since losing our boy, is that he was just so so special. Every single word we’ve ever heard about him is glowing..a truly amazing, caring, beautiful boy. He always use to tell us that he was ‘built different’ and we’ve come to realise that he absolutely was. The brightest star in life and now the brightest star in any sky.


Tickets can be purchased in-store and online if brought online we will contact you with your ticket number 


if you wish to Donate to OURJAY FOUNDATION Directly you can do that HERE