Mr Dimp Ice Short Fill


A mixed berry medley bursting with flavour followed up by a subtle hit of menthol and an Aniseed twist, all the goodness of our original Mr Dimp but with a splash of ice to spice things up a bit,

Dominant Flavours: Aniseed · Eucalyptus · Mixed Fruit · Menthol · Ice


Earn up to 9 Points.


For your desired strength, mix all of the provided nicotine (Nic shots) into the liquid that are provided and shake well.

Need more information about our short fill bottles and how they work? See our Shortfill information tab for more info.

Here’s the best bit, We are also offering this in concentrate for all you DIY Mixers, For Mr Dimp Ice Concentrate Click HERE

Additional information

Weight 0.2 g
Batch Code on Bottle



The Mr Range

Child Proof Cap


Nicotine Shot Compatible


VG/PG Ratio

50VG/50PG, 60PG/40VG, 70VG/30PG


120ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml


3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Shortfill Information

What is a short-fill bottle?

Shortfills are large bottles of e-liquid which contain no nicotine. They are usually found as 50ml/100ml of e-liquid contained in a 60ml/120ml bottle, hence the name shortfill. A gap is left at the top of the bottle to give enough space to add the unflavoured nicotine shots (aka nic shot) to make it the strength you requested.

How do I use them?

Once you received your shortfill, mixing it up is simple. To fill up a shortfill, take off the nib of the bottle, pour the required number of nicotine shots into the bottle and replace the nib. Now shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds. You’re now ready to fill up your tank! The shaking is why some vape shops referred to short fill bottles as Shake-and-Vapes.


All the short fill bottles in this range are filled as per the following information. 

  • 30ml short fill bottle with 20ml zero nicotine for 3mg High vg
  • 30ml short fill bottle with 20ml zero nicotine for 6mg 50pg/50vg
  • 60ml short fill bottle with 50ml zero nicotine for 3mg High vg
  • 60ml short fill bottle with 40ml zero nicotine for 6mg 50pg/50vg
  • 120ml short fill bottle with 100ml zero nicotine for 3mg High vg
  • 120ml short fill bottle with 80ml zero nicotine for 6mg 50pg/50vg


The correct Nic shots will be provided for you for the size/strength you choose.

Does this product come with nicotine shots?

Nic shots are provided free of charge at your desired strength free of charge. If there is no strength option to select, please see the description to see what's included before committing to buy.