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Worried about the cleanliness of your drip tips ? Now you can De-germ your Drip tip back to being Tip top, The Aspire Degerm will Kill 99.9% of Bacteria on your device in as little as 30 seconds.

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International Genome Research states “There are more than 600 different microbial bacteria in the average humans saliva. When these different bacteria’s leave a human mouth, they can cause lots of health problems. Do you know how much bacteria stay on your drip tip?”
The Aspire Degerm steriliser adopts very high-level UV disinfection rays, which is used to sterilise 360-degree orientation with UV light. Any bacteria which is present on the drip tip will be wiped out in 30 Seconds.

Certified by microbiology experts & Proven lab results showed that the Aspire Degerm efficiently sterilises and disinfects your drip tip efficiently.

With it’s compact design it is very easy to carry around with you where ever you are, The protection cap is provided to prevent dust integration. To operate the Degerm with only one button, you need to click 5 times to turn the device on and then Just simply put your drip tip into the Degerm, click the button 3 times, the device will then begin to start working (LED lights will indicate the working status) After sterilising has finished, the device will stop automatically.

Note: The Aspire Degerm emits an Ultra violate ray from the bottom opening. Under no circumstances should you look into the UV Diode while the Degerm is in operation mode. UV light can damage eyes and skin—DO NOT expose your eyes or body to the rays emitting from the bottom of the device while in operation.

Battery capacity : 400mah
Voltage : 3.0v – 4.2v
Charging : USB Type-C

1 x Degerm device
1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
1 x User manual

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