The Whoppers

The Whoppers are another creation of Smokeyjoes so you know it will be good. It’s definitely a range made for vapers, by vapers! This is why we’re really excited to develop this range. We know what works but more importantly, we know what doesn’t. Each flavoured e-liquids leaves no room for mistakes. Instead, it compromises passion, quality and just pure excitement.

We’re very much in the mind of go hard or go home and we’ve definitely gone hard with this. With a bigger bottle, 250ml to be exact, there’s more flavour, more e-liquid and more taste – The Whoppers are a true testament to high quality vape juices.

This Smokeyjoes range includes five amazing 250ml short fill flavoured e-liquids from a smoothie to a Raspberry Blackjack and not forgetting our Diamond in the rough which is a hybrid flavour called Blue Vard.